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submitted with the application form:

- Registration Fee
- Two recent photos.
- A copy of birth certificate.
- A copy of vaccination certificate or health certificate from the child’s doctor.

Belongings needed for each child:
1. A pack of pampers or 5 pampers daily.
2. Box of wipes .
3. Cream or lotion.
4. Box of powdered milk + child's meals (if the child is under a year) .
5. One big towel for changing pampers .
6. One small towel for face washing.
7. Internal and external set of clothing (put in the bag daily).
8. Toothbrush .
9. Toothpaste .
10.Toilet seat.

*Towels are returned every Thursday to be washed and handed on Sunday.
*All the above should be labeled with the name or initials of the child.

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